2023 Bedroom Trends That Are in and Out, According to Designers

2023-01-13 01:06:33 By : Mr. Jason Guo

Jennifer Davis, founder and principal designer at Davis Interiors, said natural elements will continue to appear in bedrooms in 2023.

Davis told Insider that homeowners will use natural and textured materials such as linen bedding, grasscloth wallpaper, natural wood furniture, and woven shades, and natural stone in lighting fixtures and nightstands. Metal Bedside Table

2023 Bedroom Trends That Are in and Out, According to Designers

Color palettes are also expected to reflect natural elements as soft, classic neutrals continue to dominate.

Interior designer Sarah Barnard of Sarah Barnard Design told Insider that vintage furnishings are rising in popularity.

"Vintage, hand-crafted, and generationally cherished furnishings are becoming more popular in bedroom spaces," Barnard said. "Many people are looking for items that will endure in terms of quality and personal value over time."

The designer said homeowners will gravitate toward beds, nightstands, and dressing tables that have sentimental value and artistry, or bring personal joy.

According to designer Diana Lombard of Diana Lombard Interiors, more homeowners are buying sconces and pendant lights.

"The majority of my clients prefer either a wall-mounted sconce or pendant lighting over a bedside table as opposed to a traditional bedside lamp," she said. "Functionally, this leaves more space on the nightstand for personal or decorative items."

The designer also said a pendant or sconce can make a bigger statement with a unique design.

According to interior designer Shanade McAllister Fisher, we can expect to see more wavy decor and softer, curvy lines.

"Perfectly symmetrical straight lines can leave our bedrooms looking clinical and more like a doctor's waiting room than a space for us to curl up and relax," the designer told Insider.

Interior designer Courtney Wollersheim said color drenching, which involves adding deep, moody tones to a space, will continue to be popular.

"Homeowners following this trend in 2023 will choose color drenching because the deeper colors add a modern touch and a calming, soothing mood for your most personal space," Wollersheim said.

The designer told Insider she expects rich, moody tones like charcoal, navy, wine red, emerald green, or any jewel tone to trend. Homeowners can match the chosen color through bedding, window treatments, area rugs, and furnishings.

Interior designer Jen Dallas told Insider that people are ditching all-white bedding for colored sheets and blankets, which will continue to trend.

"Think gorgeous colored sheets mixed with textures," Dallas said. "A nice mix of blankets at the foot of the bed is helpful when you don't want to get under the bed covering and just want to nap."

The designer recommended using different textures of bedding to add to the beauty.

Interior designer Sahar Saffari of Hi-Spec Design said last year's cottagecore trend might decrease in popularity this year.

"Trends like this, which rely on many changes within the home and can take over a space, don't last long," Saffari said. "They become over-saturated, people become bored of them in their homes, and people's houses can lose any real personality."

The designer predicts people will get tired of the cottagecore look and will opt for interior-design trends they can make their own.

Barnard told Insider that bare floors aren't in style because people are opting for cozier, warmer options.

"Many people are embracing comfort in 2023, and cozy rugs contribute to warm and welcoming bedroom spaces," Barnard said. "While hardwood floors are still popular, having a soft surface for the feet to land while getting in and out of bed can create a sense of care and comfort at home."

Interior designer Christina Rosima from Christina Eljand Interiors expects to see fewer sleek, high-gloss, and smooth-finish-style looks in 2023.

"More and more people are looking to add cool vintage pieces and more texture to give spaces more depth, character, and comfort," she said.

2023 Bedroom Trends That Are in and Out, According to Designers

Wood Nightstand Roosimaa said having a comfortable, peaceful space has become a priority in the past few years as people have spent more time working and hanging out at home.